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Val's Story

I have always been interested in the art of photography as far back as my memory takes me. I recall at the tender age of five years old, begging my mother to let me take pictures of friends and family with my younger brother during his baptism. I instructed my parents and his God parents to all place there hands under him and lift him up to God. When I was nine I was lucky enough to have a family friend who was a photographer. At such a young and curious age I was introduced to the professional world of photography and became familiar with basic camera functions. Not only did I learn how to capture images I also learned how to reveal my images and watched them "magically" appear in the darkroom . As I grew older, the interest in photography never diminished.


After the birth of my first child my love for the art of photography blossomed into a passionate obsession. I was sure to document everyday activities by photographing them. As time went on many friends and family would ask if I would photograph their families and children for them. After much persuasion and encouragement by friends and family; I decided to take my God given talent and share it with others professionally. Moving forward with the decision to follow my dreams has been the one of the best life decisions I have made; other than deciding to marry my husband Jack and the birth of my children.


It find it so uplifting to capture that fleeting moment to be forever frozen in ink. The image to be viewed time and time again whether it be a year from that moment or fifty years from that moment the viewer will be able to experience the emotion felt that very day. I tend to think of myself as an "emotional shooter" capturing emotion rather than constant unnatural smiles. I love to narrate stories through my lens. Whether it be the story of a bride or bride to be, a new mother or mother to be, or anyone experiencing a special moment in time. Every moment in life is precious and should be cherished indefinitely. I look forward to sharing what I see in you, your family and loved ones through my everlasting images.


- Val McCormick


Val is a member of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), PPA (Professional Photographers International), Modern Photographers, The Portrait House and NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep).

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